Our Printing Service

There's more to creating a beautiful printed canvas or photo than inserting the media and pressing print.

Our fine-art printer is the 44 inch 12 colour Canon Pro 4000, which is one of the highest quality large format photo & fine-art printers available.

The 4000 Pro is capable of producing colourfast archival prints that according to the manufacturer will last for 100+ years without fading.

Combined with Canon's own genuine Lucia ink the 4000 Pro prints excellent graduated tones and shadows.

There's even more to our printing service options in store, ranging from print-&-cut self-adhesive vinyl, paper and vinyl banners, even t-shirts.

For our online shop we have kept it simpler and are offering our most popular printed products.


These are:

  • Gloss & satin photo paper.

  • Matt poster paper.

  • Poster boards.

  • Printed canvasses (stretched or rolled).

  • Smooth fine-art paper.


 Poster Paper 

At 130gsm, this sturdy matt poster paper can produce a decent photo-quality print on a budget.


Photo Paper

We offer Satin and Gloss photo paper both of which weigh 260gsm and produce excellent quality photo prints.


fine-art paper

This 270gsm natural white, smooth fine art paper with a very gentle texture delivers excellent, pin sharp prints with fantastic colour & shadow depth.



Bright white matt cotton canvas, especially selected for it's composition, stretch and it's hair-fine print quality.


Size really does matter............ well at least it does when it comes to printing.

We often see great photos taken with mobile phones and cameras and it's a shame when the pin-sharp, hi-resolution original photo gets forgotten or deleted. In many cases leaving only a social media, thumbnail-sized photo which we often get asked to print poster size in good quality.

We suggest you avoid using web or social media images for printing unless they are hi-res downloads. 

1). Emailed images do not reduce in quality if you send or receive them as "actual size", avoid whatsapp, facebook etc..... images.

Photos sent through social media are massively reduced in size to reduce download time; this also reduces the print quality dramatically.

2). It may look OK on your device but to produce the same size print as your screen it requires 4x the amount of pixels.

If the image on your device looks a little fuzzy when you zoom in a little it's likely to be low resolution.

A typical device screen displays an image at a resolution of 72 dpi - When printing the optimal resolution is 300 dpi  

3). We recommend uploading images with a high pixel count (resolution), an image over 3MB is the way to go, whereas 200 kb is too low.

4). Choose the correct printing material:

Matt Poster Paper- Great print quality on a budget, ideal for birthday banners, kids posters, short run promos. Produces reasonable quality photos sacrificing a small amount shadow depth and saturation, if you are framing we suggest the posterboard option.

Glossy Photo Paper- Produces the sharpest and most vibrant prints, we recommend that you use a mount/mat when framing glossy photos to prevent the photo from sticking to the glazing.

Satin Photo Paper- Has been a photographers favourite for years, with it's slight lustre, satin photo paper provides a tiny amount of softness and reduces reflection compared to glossy paper making viewing great from all angles.

Canvas- Can be ordered either rolled (posted in tube), or stretched over timber bars - please make sure you choose the correct product.

Fine-Art Paper- Our smooth texture fine-art paper, also known as giclee paper, produces the best range of vibrancy and shadow depth out of all of our paper offerings, the matt finish on the paper enhances any hi-res image.

Pixcel, great quality printing that lasts for over 100 years