Printing Services

We know a thing or two about printing.

There's more to creating a beautiful printed canvas or photo than inserting the media and pressing print.

On our fine art printer colour correctness is one of the most important things (unless you like having a greenish tinge to your skintone)We have invested countless hours on this endevour to ensure that your images look correct on our monitors, right through to the final print.

Our fine-art printer is the 12 colour Canon Pro 4000, which is one of the highest quality large format photo & fine-art printers available, capable of producing colourfast archival prints that according to the manufacturer will last for 100+ years without fading, this combined with Canon's own genuine Lucia ink (we only use genuine ink), print excellent graduated tones and shadows.

What materials do we use?

Canvas Printing

330gsm Blended Cotton Matt Canvas printed with archival inks, ensuring your canvas will remain as vibrant in years to come as it was when you ordered it.

The canvas we use has excellent color vibrancy and gamut - Unlike the cheaper thin poly-canvas that other printing companies use, our prints won't look dim and washed out (unless your image is).

Photo Printing

260gsm Satin or Gloss Photo Paper printed with archival inks. Our photo paper is a perfect printing material for use on our printer. Along with archival fade resistant & colour correct prints, the gloss optimiser on our printer ensures that even glossy photo prints look great! (glossy inkjet photo paper when printed has historically had flatspots know as bronzing, our printer eliminates this issue)

Poster Printing

130gsm Matt Poster Paper printed with archival inks. Poster paper is an ideal material when you're keeping down the costs, it produces a great quality archival print but on a budget sacrificing a tiny amount of print quality as the trade-off.

We highly recommend selecting the Posterboard option if you intend to frame your print, otherwise it will cockle (go wavey), in your frame

Be anything you want but don't be restricted

Just because your photo or artwork is a non-standard size or shape doesn't mean you can't print and frame it that way!

We've experienced this before.

Customers bringing in prints that they'd had printed elsewhere for framing, that have been cropped and then printed to fit a standard size format, often cropping off important details they'd have prefered to still be there.

It doesn't need to be that way.

When uploading your image file with Pixcel, you can type in the exact size you require, crop or rotate if necessary, then choose what you need from our selection of printer materials.

But that's not all...

Why stop there? Elevate your printed artwork into a framed masterpiece with a choice of mount colours and frame styles all displayed with your image in a true framed representation using a clever scalable display widget, ding-dong, thingy (the VERY technical terms for our frame & print wizard).

And Voila!

Well done, you've uploaded, printed and virtually framed your masterpiece, now sit back and leave the rest to us. (oh yeah I nearly forgot, don't forget to press the pay button or the magic won't happen).